AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler Review

AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler Review

Keeping your wines perfectly chilled and aging well has been an art form for centuries. Luckily for us, technologies have been invented in order for us to be able to do it with ease and convenience. The AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler is one great example of modernizing an ancient storage method.

It comes with all the conveniences of modern technology with the results of ancient practice and perfected art form.

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  • Thermoelectric fan cooling system
  • Adjustable temperature control, dual temperature zones
  • Electronic touchpad with LED display
  • Energy-saving, efficient heat dissipation
  • 7 removable wood shelving, with 21 max bottle capacity
  • 1-year parts warranty for manufacturing defect


The AKDY 21 Bottle Wine Cooler comes with a modern thermoelectric fan cooling system that makes it super quiet and super still. No sound or vibration can be heard or felt with this wine cooler.

That is all to your advantage since, aside from the fact you will not be disturbed by unnecessary sounds in the middle of the night, your wines will be kept so still that traces of sediments will stay put right where they are, thus reducing the incidence of a bitter aftertaste. Aside from that, vibrations may also harm the natural aging process of the wine and may cause them to age prematurely or to not age at all.

Its temperatures are adjustable and that is all well and good since it also comes with dual temperature zones which mean that it is divided into a cooler upper zone and a lightly warmer lower zone. The cooler upper zone is meant to store wine varieties like white wines while the warmer lower zone is meant to store heavier red wines.

Maintaining optimum temperature for each individual wine variety is essential to maintaining the wine’s quality throughout its aging process. You can easily adjust the dual temperatures using a button-operated electronic touchpad that comes with an LED display so that you can clearly see and monitor the exact temperatures that are perfect for storing different wine varieties.

The AKDY 21 Bottle Wine Cooler operates in such a way that it consumes significantly less electricity compared to a standard compressor-type cooler that can amplify your energy costs. This also means that the AKDY 21 Bottle Wine Cooler is also environment-friendly.

It is efficient enough in dissipating the heat that it generates through built-in fan technology that drives away hot air which is produced by the unit while it works. This makes the AKDY 21 Bottle Wine Cooler even more efficient at keeping temperatures constant and consistent, thus making the unit extra efficient.

It comes with seven removable wooden shelves. Wooden shelves give you that classic vintage look that is reminiscent of traditional wine cellars in old wine-producing countries. The classic look is matched with versatility since these wooden shelves are removable so you can accommodate larger bottles or space the shelves farther apart as you wish.

To give you utmost security with your satisfaction, the AKDY 21 Bottle Wine Cooler comes with 1 years’ worth of parts warranty for any defect that may have resulted from manufacturing.


A few previous buyers complained that the shelves of the AKDY 21 Bottle Wine Cooler are a bit too tight, such that you sometimes need to pull open the adjacent shelf if you want to get one particular bottle out. Accordingly, it seemed that they are too tightly packed and impossible to adjust, and it sort of becomes a nuisance if you are trying to stack bottles or whenever you try to take one out.

This also means that there is no way you can fit larger bottles within the AKDY 21 Bottle Wine Cooler without some difficulty. It might even be impossible, given the tight circumstance.

However, aside for the tight spacing, many of the reviewers found that their wines are perfectly chilled and are kept in an attractive case and shelving although they are truly tight and not well-spaced to accommodate wine bottles and allow some wiggle room in between.


The AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler is a great buy for anyone who is interested in growing a wine collection of their own in their own house, or in their food or beverage establishment. It can store enough bottles to collect a wide enough assortment of wines to taste and enjoy, and it can efficiently keep all your wines chilled to perfection at a constant, consistent and reliable pace.

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