The 5 Best Wine Apps Every Vino Lover Needs

Vino lovers rejoice!

The best wine apps make it simple for you to discover new vintages, find out which wines you can pair with your favorite dishes and much more.

So which of the best wine apps should you download right away? Here are the five best wine apps that every vino lover needs to know about.

1. CellarTracker

No list of the best wine apps would be complete without CellarTracker, an app that allows you to check out wine reviews, tasting notes and personal stories from people who know all about wine.

CellarTracker offers wine insights from more than 471,000 users worldwide. That way, the app gives you a taste of what it’s like to sample the best wines from across the globe without ever having to look away from your mobile device.

Perhaps best of all, there are more than 2.3 million wines that have been discussed on CellarTracker thus far. And as the CellarTracker community grows, so will the number of wine reviews that you can use to learn about the latest and greatest wines.

When it comes to learning about a new wine, you cannot go wrong with CellarTracker. Or, if you want to share your thoughts and opinions about a wine you love, CellarTracker makes it easy for you to do just that.

Of course, no CellarTracker description would be complete without mentioning the app’s cellar management capabilities. Thanks to CellarTracker, you can track your personal wine collection and assess its value – all from your smartphone or tablet.

2. Wine Maps

Looking to enter a whole new world of wine? Download Wine Maps, and you can discover the best wines from the top wine regions.

Wine Maps is one of the best wine apps for a reason – it provides you with a quick, easy way to search wine regions around the globe.

The app boasts a total of 108 maps across 19 countries. Plus, Wine Maps allows you to learn about more than 1,400 wine regions in just seconds.

If you’re looking to take your wine knowledge to the next level, Wine Maps is a must-download. The app gives you the ability to search for wine regions by name, zoom in on a map of each location and take a look around a region like never before.

3. Next Glass

Ever purchase a bottle of wine only to find that you can’t stand its taste? You’re not alone.

Fortunately, Next Glass ensures you’ll never have to worry about making this mistake ever again.

Think of Next Glass as Pandora for wine lovers, and for good reason. You can use Next Glass to score your favorite and least-favorite wines and track your wine rankings.

Next Glass rates wines and other beverages based on their chemistry and provides each drink with a distinct profile. As such, the app helps you identify wines you’ll love and eliminates the chance you’ll buy wine that leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth.

4. Plonk

Although Plonk might sound like a mobile game app or something else entirely, don’t let the name fool you. Once you take a deep look at this app and its features, you’re sure to see why it’s one of the best wine apps.

Plonk is perfect for those who are all about wine – and those who want to be all about wine but need some extra help.

With Plonk, wine immediately becomes more accessible to wine lovers of all experience levels.

Plonk features a wine pronunciation guide – a great tool for those who want to speak like a true wine connoisseur. In addition, Plonk boasts a periodic table of wine with grape varieties and hues, making it easier than ever to go from wine biff to wine buff.

Let’s not forget about Plonk’s food pairings tool, either. Thanks to Plonk, you can make the most of any meal and find the perfect wine to complement salmon, steak and any other dish you can imagine.

Also, if you’re planning to attend a wine-themed trivia night with friends, you can get some late-minute cramming done with Plonk. The app offers one-of-a-kind wine trivia that will help you take your wine expertise to new heights.

5. Vivino

Vivino is the world’s largest wine app – literally.

With more than 22 million wine reviews from users, Vivino delivers wine ratings that you simply won’t be able to find elsewhere. It also takes the guesswork out of finding the right wine when you’re shopping at a liquor store or having dinner at a restaurant.

Unlike the other apps on our list of the best wine apps, Vivino allows you to scan a wine label and see wine ratings, reviews and prices instantly.

Vivino doubles-down on its scanning capabilities as well. And if you open the wine list at any restaurant, you can use Vivino to scan the list and choose the right wine for any occasion.

If you’re on the lookout for new wines, download Vivino – you’ll be happy you did.

Vivino tracks and organizes the wines you scan and rate over time, providing you with a fun, interactive chart that showcases your wine experiences. You can even see how your chart stacks up against the Vivino community.

Now that you know all about the best wine apps, the question becomes: What can you do to upgrade your wine collection?

There’s lots you can do to transform a small wine collection into an unbelievable one.

Anyone can purchase wines, store them in a basement or wine cellar and take them out when they want. But is this sufficient? Absolutely not.

Ultimately, there is no need to settle for subpar wine storage, especially if you’re looking to maintain the quality of your wine for years to come. If you purchase one of the best wine refrigerators, you should have no trouble taking care of your wine – without exception.

Choose the best wine refrigerator for your home, and you won’t have to worry about inferior wine storage. Instead, you can reap the benefits of a top-notch wine refrigerator that will keep your wine in excellent condition at all times.

Wine 101: What to Know About Food and Wine Pairings

Why consider the wine selection at your next meal?

This year, wine sales and consumption are expected to increase.

Whether you’re trying to create a nice atmosphere for yourself or with others, expect to pair a wine with the food being cooked. This is, of course, not as simple as it sounds.

Different wines and different foods work well with others. It’s important to understand the different wines out there, and how to create thought-out pairings.

You must also understand wine storage, however, because wine coolers are also essential for the pairing to work. Wine coolers allow you to bring out the flavor of the wine, while further maintaining it for future use.

This is where the Wine 101 lesson comes in. With the following information in mind, you will create a memorable wine and food experience, even if it’s just to treat yourself.

Wine 101

1. Essential Wine Styles

When discussing the pairing of wine and food, it’s important to first understand the different types of wine out there.

To successfully pair wine and food, both elements should be elevated. One should not detract from the other; wine and food must complement each other.

Wine shopping can feel quite overwhelming, however, due to the increasing number of wineries out there. Sifting through the wine aisle can take forever, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

By using this knowledge about the important wine staples, your next meal should be a hit.

Sparkling Wine

While there are so many options out there, sparkling wines are actually created through the most technical and time-consuming processes out there.

Fortunately enough, they’re also versatile with any food.

Light White Wine

The most-sold wines in the world are actually the light white wines.

They’re light and easy to drink, perfect for most foods. Especially noted for aperitifs and for seafood pairings.

Full-Bodied White Wine

Red wine lovers will also love the full-bodied white wines.

The special wine-making techniques work to create a rich smooth taste with a subtle creaminess. Therefore, any heavy or rich food will work best with these wines.

Sweet White Wine

The most aromatic are the sweet white wines, which come from some of the oldest wine grapes in the world.

The sweetness can go a long way in pairing with spicy foods.


The winemaker’s wine is the rosé because the wine is dyed with red wine grapes.

Ranging from dry to sweet, these are best served chilled for warmer-climate cuisines.

Light Red Wine

The most coveted wines in the world are the light red wines, due to their smaller amounts of tannins.

Meaning, they won’t dry out your mouth and will go nicely with fish or light meats.

Medium Red Wine

The food wines are the medium red wines because they can balance flavor and acidity.

This flavorful balance is what allows them to work with a wide variety of foods, as the perfect mid-week wine.

Full-Bodied Red Wine

The deepest, darkest, and most tannic wines are the full-bodied red wines.

While the tannins dry out our mouths, they also create a palate cleansing effect. This is why they’re perfect for red meats or rich vegetables, or on their own.

Dessert Wine

The boldest and most intense wines are the dessert wines.

Created in the 1800s when sweet wines were the most popular, these can range from dry to sweet. Their dessert pairings should not be sweeter than the wine itself, however.

2. Pairing Guidelines

After understanding the 9 wine styles, the next chapter in Wine 101 is on pairing wine and food together.

Generally speaking, the best combinations involve opposing taste profiles.

By using the following wine and food pairing guidelines, you can become a sommelier for your next great meal at home.

Highlight the Wine

The point of a wine and food pairing is to bring out the best characteristics of the wine.

Focus on what you’re trying to emphasize at the meal and make sure the wine is shining, not fighting, against the food.

Bitter Balance

Our taste buds are very sensitive to bitterness, so never pair bitter food with bitter wine.

If you want to balance a wine that is rich in tannins, look for foods with fat, umami or salt for balance.

Sweetest Wine

For the most successful food and wine pairing, always make sure that the wine is sweeter than the food.

If wine is less sweet than the meal, it will taste bitter and tart. For example, pair a Port wine with dessert, for a balance that is sure to shine.

Tart Wine

It is also important for the wine to have more acidity than the food it is accompanying.

If it’s not, the wine will taste flabby. In this case, a vinaigrette salad dressing would taste better with a brut Champagne than a buttery Chardonnay.

Earthy Wine

On their own, old world wines will taste more earthy and tart.

When paired with something even more earthy, however, the wine will taste more fruity. To achieve this balance, a nice food option would include mushrooms for that earthy taste.

3. Wine Coolers

The last lesson in Wine 101 is about the importance of wine coolers, which will make you want to buy one.

Wine must be stored correctly to retain its taste, so wine storage is very important for wine and food pairings.

The following wine storage guidelines will help you store wine properly, so your next pairing is successful and delicious:

  • Darkness is essential for red wines to deepen in flavor.
  • Each wine has ideal temperatures to maintain flavor.
  • Store open wines on their side to keep bottle free of air.
  • Never put wine on top of fridges to prevent vibrations.
  • Humidity helps to keep air out.
  • Each wine has shelf lives for the best flavor.
  • Know your own collection, for organization and shopping purposes.


After this great introduction to Wine 101, you should know that a successful food and wine pairing will depend on a variety of factors.

A strong equation must compare the type of wine to the food being paired, while also regulating the wine flavor.

If you need more information, check out the helpful wine coolers/refrigerators affiliate site here, because wine storage is necessary for any wine lover.

What’s your favorite wine and food pairing? Do you have any wine advice for new wine lovers?

9 Fabulous Wine Tasting Party Ideas

Feel like you’re stuck for wine tasting party ideas? We’re here to help. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best wine tasting party ideas that all but guarantee a great night.

Just add the right wine and you’ll have a night you won’t soon forget.

1. Focus your party on one region

One super wine tasting party idea is to focus your party on one specific wine region.

For example, you might get a selection of Bordeaux wines and taste the difference. This is one particularly fun wine tasting party idea to do if you’re passionate about a specific wine region, you’ve just visited there (and taken liberal advantage of your country’s duty-free rules!), or you’re looking for  a specific wine for an event (e.g. a wedding) and know that you like wine from that region.

It’ll give you a broad range of opinions for what other people like and help you pick a wine that everyone’s happy with.

To make this even more fun, what you can do is pick a relatively broad region in terms of quality and size, for example, the Rhone wine region, and choose wines from different appellations within it (e.g. the Châteauneuf-du-Pape AOC, etc..).

It will let you compare and contrast different terroirs that are relatively close together, giving you a greater appreciation for the role of terroirs in wine taste and flavor.

2. Taste blind

A blind tasting is always fun but is one of those wine tasting party ideas that’s more for the pros. Here’s what you do.

First, you need to buy the wine (and chill it, of course).

Usually, with a blind tasting, you’ll theme the wine in some other way as well, so it’s not just random bottles. For example, you might theme the wine around a:

  • region or appellation
  • year
  • country
  • flavor (e.g. big, bold reds)

Once you have your organized bottles of wine, what you want to do is wrap them all in brown paper so no one knows which bottle is which.

Then, taste away!

To make wine tasting party ideas like this one even more fun, what you can do is hand out ‘scorecards’ so people remember what they tasted and what they thought.

Then, you can reveal the wines (and their prices!) at the very end. You’d be surprised by the results!

Another fun idea is to try and get people to guess which wine is which, either by providing a list or (for the real pros) with nothing to go on. See who can get the most right!

3. New world vs old world

One of the classics when it comes to wine tasting party ideas. All you do is get half the wine from the ‘new world’ – North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa – basically everywhere not-Europe. Then, you get comparable wines from the ‘old world’ – France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria – basically Europe.

Then, you just compare and contrast! It’s helpful when you’re doing a tasting like this to group the wines according to flavor. So you might compare a Napa Cabernet Sauvignon with a Bordeaux and relive the history of the Judgement of Paris!

4. A food and wine pairing party

If you need a little food to cut your wine, then a food and wine pairing party is always fun. Popular combinations are cheese with wine (especially, but not exclusively white wine) and chocolate with red wine.

When it comes to deciding what to serve, there are some basic guidelines you should follow. But for the most robust experience, it’s worth taking your wine list to a good cheesemonger and getting them to help pair them for you.

5. One winery, many wines

This is great if you have a favorite winery (or an in with a winemaker!) and can access their wine library. All you do is taste the same wine (or wines) again and again from the same place, varying year and type.

For a thorough experience, stick with one wine through the years, and you can see both the impact of aging (start new, get older) as well as variation over the years of weather, good harvests, bad harvests, and other variables that might normally go undetected.

6. Cost effective wine tasting party ideas

On a budget but love your wine? No problem!

Just get your guests to each bring a bottle that costs under $20. Taste them all and see which ones you like best!

Wine tasting party ideas like this are especially fun to combine with the blind tasting idea, with everyone voting on their favorite. Maybe even get a nice bottle for a prize for the one that’s most popular!

7. First party? No problem – make it instructional

Are you super into wine but your friends are more the beer drinking type?

No problem – wine tasting party ideas abound for the uninitiated. One of them is to make your first wine tasting instructional! If you know what you’re tasting and what you’re looking for, wine gets a lot more fun.

If you provide useful information on each wine and lead a discussion of tasting notes, proper wine storage and temperature, and basic food pairings, your friends will have a great time. And with luck, will be ready for a more adventurous tasting the next time round.

8. National pride wine party

Feeling especially proud of your nationality? Wine tasting party ideas that focus on one country are always fun.

Provide wines from your country and your country only, and see what people think! This is great opportunity to get away from major wine producing regions and explore smaller, local regions or lesser-known but no less tasty national gems.

If you have a good wine store, head down there and ask for a boutique winery recommendation. They’re sure to help you out.

9. Specialty wine tasting party

If none of these ideas are working for you, you can always host a specialist wine party. All you need to do is focus on one of the more unique wines out there, and theme your tasting around that.

For example, you might have a tasting for dessert wines, or ice wines from Canada, or even explore the world of fortified wines. See what happens!


A wine party can be a lot of fun, and a great way to get to know your friends better while sharing your (and hopefully their) love of good wine. And with these 9 ideas, you have plenty to get started with!

For the perfect wine party, you need to perfect wine fridge. Be sure to check out our full range of popular wine fridge reviews to get the one that’s perfect for your needs.

The Top Do’s and Don’t’s of Fine Wine Storage

Fresh wine that is ready to uncork and be enjoyed is always a want, but not all of us can afford the luxury of a personal wine cellar.

Whether you have an extensive collection or just a few bottles, your fine wine deserves to be stored properly (so that it can be enjoyed just as properly!).

Pour yourself a glass and let’s dive into the top 8 do’s and don’t’s when it comes to fine wine storage. Cheers!

The Top 8 Do’s And Don’ts To Storing Your Fine Wine

#1: DO Keep Your Wine In A Dark Place.

Especially if the bottle is clear, you’ll want to keep your wine in darker areas.

While dark bottles are better than clear or green wine bottles at protecting the liquid from light, try to store any and all of your fine wine in a dark place.

Why? Ultraviolet light affects your wine.

This means you’ll want your wine kept away from fluorescent lights and sunlight. You’ll also want to avoid storing your wine near heat sources such as the furnace, hot water heaters, water pipes, and other appliances.

When it comes to wines that run the greatest risk from light exposure, that’ll be your delicate, light-bodied white wines. This is why these wines are often packaged in darkly tinted bottles, as those offer some form of protection from light.

#2: DON’T Keep Your Wine On Top Of The Refrigerator.

Convenience is important, sure. But, with your fine wine, you’ll also want to think about more than just that.

While on top of your fridge may seem like the most logical home for your full wine bottles, it is one of the worst places you can keep wine in your home for three reasons.

Reason 1: Your fridge gives off tons of vibrations. Think of those that come with the compressor cycle’s on, when it cycles off, when the icemaker dispenses ice, when the water dispenser does its thing, etc.

The point is, vibrations alter the processes happening in your wine. This will affect both the taste and the aging process.

Reason 2: Your fridge gives off heat. The compressor and other internal components are working hard to keep the interior of the refrigerator cool.

This process gives off a significant amount of heat.

Don’t believe it? Feel the top of your fridge at home–it’s probably warm.

Reason 3: The top of your fridge is most likely close to your light fixtures.

This may not be the case for everyone and their fridge location in their home. However, if it’s true for you, this don’t is a big one since light bulbs give off a lot of heat. This can prematurely age your wine.

#3: DO Store Wines At The Right Humidity.

Now that you have your wines in a dark place (that is NOT on top of the refrigerator), let’s talk about the proper humidity.

Proper humidity for wine will vary depending on the amount of time you expect it to be in storage.

For longer storage, humidity should be around sixty percent. This will keep the corks fresh and expanded.

When wine is kept in conditions that are too dry, the cork will shrink and cause leakage.

If the humidity is too moist, however, mold and contamination can occur.

Let’s avoid all of these problems, shall we? Store your wine in an area that maintains moderate humidity levels of fifty-five percent to seventy-five percent. This allows for optimum wine development conditions.

#4: DON’T Allow Children Or Unwanted Visitors To Have Access.

Locking a wine cooler will fix the problem of unwanted guests in your wine collection.

Wine coolers come in various styles and sizes. They can even come in furniture style cabinets, so you’re sure to find something that will fit in with your home decor.

If you prefer the home wine cellar or wine cave route (small rooms or spaces in which to store wine), you will likely need to do some construction.

Others might prefer storage such as racks and wine refrigerators.

#5: DO Store Wines At The Proper Temperature.

Both humidity and heat are important to the welfare of your fine wine.

Wine is very susceptible to changes in temperature. This means the proper temperature for your vino is vital.

Temperatures that are too high and your wine could become spoiled or “cooked” if kept in the heat too long. Your fine wine may also develop off-flavors that taste like raisins or stews.

When temperatures are too cold, the wine can freeze and expand. This will cause the cork to be pushed out, causing oxygen to be to be exposed to the wine.

Most experts recommend that wine be kept at constant temperatures between fifty and fifty-nine degrees Fahrenheit.

The best way to keep your fine wines the way they were meant to be is to store them in a wine refrigerator.

Wine refrigerators will keep your wine ready to go at the right temperature, and you won’t have to worry about the numbers yourself.

#6: DON’T Use Your Kitchen Refrigerator As A Storage Or Aging Device.

A kitchen fridge is too cold for your fine wine. The fridge can dry out the cork, which will allow air into the bottle.

Since a kitchen refrigerator is constantly being opened and closed, it makes it that much harder to maintain a constant temperature for any of your wine in the fridge.

Additionally, when a bottle is put in a kitchen fridge, it’s usually stored standing up, which is also an issue.

#7: DO Place Bottles On Their Side.

Storing your fine wine on its side will keep the cork in contact with the liquid. This will keep the cork moist (which we want).

A dry cork can create an imperfect seal with the neck and opening of the bottle. This means there is potential to let air in, which can cause oxidization and premature aging.

#8: DON’T Store Your Wine Upright Long-Term.

If you must store your fine wine in an upright position, don’t let it stay this way for too long. For the same reason that it’s recommended to store wine on its side, it’s recommended not to keep it upright.

When your bottle is upright, the wine is not hitting the cork. This means the cork will dry out and you’ll find yourself left with a musty, smelly wine.

However, it’s ok to store your wine upright for short periods of time, (which is why many convenient or liquor stores get away with this wine storage stance).

What is your go-to for storing your wine? Do you currently break the fine wine rules and plan to change? Tell us what you’ll start doing differently in the comments!

7 Things You Need to Know About Wine Storage

Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a casual wine lover, knowing how to store your wine can make or break the next glass you pour.

WineFridgeExperts know that storage is just another part of being passionate about wine. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing you the best information on wine, wine fridges (and some extra advice while we’re at it).

Be sure to make sure our site is your next stop if you want to keep learning about the wonders of wine and find the right method of wine storage for you.

It turns out that most Americans prefer to drink wine because of the taste, which was followed up by loving the way wine can make people relax.

But to maintain that taste and get the most out of those quiet evenings relaxing, you’ll want to make sure that everything is stored properly.

What do you need to know about wine storage?

We’ve put together this breakdown of everything you need to know to make sure you’ve got your wine storage on point before ever getting a bottle tucked away.

These are our top 7 need-to-know tips about wine storage.

You can check out our wine refrigerator review section to get more in-depth info about certain fridges for storage.

Darkness can be your wine’s best friend

If you want to make sure that your wine is kept in the best condition, you’ll want to remember that darkness can be your wine’s best friend and protector.

Wine should be kept in a dark environment or at least away from the direct heat and beams of sunlight.

This is more necessary for red wines because reds are most damaged by direct sunlight and heat. It’s actually why red wines are stored in green or dark-tinted glass bottles– because these keep the sun out more.

It turns out that the radiation from the sun’s beams can cause changes to the way your wine is composed, changing the taste and smell of your wine over time.

Since reds are usually stored and aged for long periods of time, keeping them out of the sunlight can not only maintain their flavor but help it develop and deepen over time.

Keep your eye on the temperature

When you are looking into the proper methods of wine storage, you’ll likely run into tons of information about the correct temperature to store wine in.

Temperature is very important to wine storage because it, again, can make or break the flavor and scent of the wine you’ve collected.

Red wines are allowed to stay in a slightly warmer environment, with 50-65 degrees Farenheight being their ideal storage temperature. When stored in this temperature, red wine can avoid tasting flat and dull.

Similarly, white wines have their own perfect temperatures.

White wines should be stored at temperatures between 45 and 50 degrees Farenheight to preserve their crisp and sweet flavors.

Keep in mind that normal kitchen fridges are set to temperatures in the 30’s, meaning they’re almost never a perfect place to store your wines.

Store your wine on its side

One pro-tip when it comes to wine storage is remembering to store wine on its side once it has been opened.

This is especially important if your wine bottle is sealed with a traditional cork because this is meant to keep the bottle free of air.

Once you open the bottle and remove the cork, you’ll have to store the bottle on its side to keep the cork moist and maintain that oxygen-free environment.

If the bottle is kept upright after it has been opened, the cork will dry out and allow air to enter the bottle. Once this happens, you can expect wine that has been changed in taste and smell.

Avoid keeping it on top of a fridge

It’s safe to say that we’ve probably all walked into someone’s home and saw wine bottles placed on top of their fridge.

To be fair, it does seem like a fairly good spot to store wine if you don’t have much counter space or a wine fridge to keep it in.

But, you should actually never make the top of your fridge your wine storage spot.

There is one major reason for this and it’s the fact that your fridge is a piece of machinery that has parts that turn on and off.

We all know the sound our fridge makes when it “turns on” to begin cooling the inside. If you listen closely, you can probably hear your bottles of wine vibrating on top of the fridge when this happens.

The vibrations are actually harmful to your wine, and that’s why you’ll want to find a different wine storage solution!

Not only can moving the bottles around move the sediment of the wine, but it can also speed up chemical reactions inside of it– changing flavor and texture.

Try and manage the humidity

If you’re into wine storage, you probably are keeping your eye on the humidity levels– or should be!

It turns out that humidity levels can impact the way your wine’s cork is able to keep air out.

Similarly to keeping the bottle on its side, you’ll want to make sure your wine storage (whether it’s a fridge or cellar) is humid!

Store it for the right amount of time

Once you’ve opened your bottle of wine, you are able to store it for later.

But you will want to keep track of how long that bottle has been open for before you tap into it months later.

Different wines have different “shelf lives” once they’re opened. Open red wine really only lasts 3-5 days. Some sparkling wines may last only 1-3 days.

Old wine isn’t dangerous, though. Just make sure you’re prepared for a much stronger taste when you do pour yourself a glass.

Know your collection

If you’re an avid wine lover, you’ll want to know what your collection is like as you delve more into wine storage.

You can organize your collection into types or years if you’d like. Knowing exactly what’s in your collection can also help you serve guests and keep in mind what you should and shouldn’t buy the next time you’re at the store!

Thinking of a Wine Fridge? Here’s the Best Way to Stock It

If you’re a wine lover, you’ve probably heard that “beer is made by men, and wine is made by Gods.”

When you’re relaxing and sipping on that smooth red, it certainly can seem heavenly.

Taking your love of wine to the next level means knowing how to distinguish taste and smell. You’ll also want to understand the way certain wines pair with different foods.

For some, getting a wine fridge is the next step to getting an incredible collection of wine going– and keeping it ready at all times.

We’re known in the wine industry for being passionate about what we do. And what we do best is giving you all the information you need to know before making a choice about what you’re going to store your wine in.

Getting a wine fridge is an important decision, after all– it’s going to be holding your pride and joy while keeping it at the perfect temperature.

Be sure to check out our reviews and advice section to learn everything you need to know.

What you need to know to stock your wine fridge properly

We’re passionate about getting great reviews and advice out about picking your wine fridge, but what are you going to do once you get it?

That’s why we’ve put together this great guide to stocking your wine fridge with a little special something for any occasion you find yourself in.

Keep the mood cool with the right temperature

When you’re figuring out how to stock your wine fridge, you’ll want to take a second to cool it (and, pardon our pun, but don’t wine about it).

This means that you’ll want to make sure you know the temperature the wines you like need to be stored at properly.

There are two types of wine fridges available: single zone and dual zone. Breaking it down, you can store one or two types of wine, depending on which type you buy.

If you like both wine and red wine, you may want a dual zone wine fridge to keep both wines at their perfect temp.

For red wines, you’ll want them stored at 50-65 degrees to keep them preserved properly. For white wines, the temperature will have to be between 40-50 degrees.

Keep in mind that keeping wine in a room that’s too hot can often speed up the aging process and ruin the wine that you’re storing. That’s why the first big tip to stocking a wine fridge is getting one that really works for you.

Make sure the wine is stored on its side

Stocking your wine fridge also requires one extra step of care: storing the wine on its side.

If your wine is capped with a cork, it’s preventing air from entering the bottle and oxidizing your wine. Once it’s been opened, you’ll want to keep that bottle store on its side to keep the cork moist.

Why? Once the cork dries out, air can start entering the bottle and effectively dull the taste of your wine in no time.

Pick up some cooking wine

One way to make sure you are stocking your wine fridge properly is to make sure you have wine for all occasions.

This means stocking your wine fridge with some wine you’ll use for cooking.

Wine can really add an excellent and surprising aspect to the foods you’re cooking and it can take a dish to the next level.

That’s why you’ll want to make the most of your wine fridge and stock it with some great cooking wines like pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, and unoaked chardonnay.

Stock some dessert wine

This is an essential if you want to stock your wine fridge up properly. You’re going to want to grab some of your favorite dessert wines to keep for times where you want something sweet.

One of the most amazing things about wine is that there is a bottle to go with every food or mood it seems. And dessert wines offer uniquely enticing flavors to settle your sweet tooth and offer up some relaxation.

If you’re looking for a supremely sweet dessert wine, you’ll want to stock up on wines labeled as late harvest, noble rot, ice wine, or straw mat.

These terms can signify to you that you’ll be in for a treat and they definitely deserve a spot in any wine fridge.

Find your own special occasion wine

We’ve all seen it in the movies: someone gets married and out comes the “special” bottle of wine that’s been saved for decades.

Any well-stocked wine fridge will need a bottle or two of special occasion wine, which will be saved for huge events that deserve a unique celebration.

Usually on the pricier end, these wines will offer a flavor that is worth celebrating and splurging on– just make sure to take your time enjoying them!

You can even create your own special occasion wine by picking up your absolute favorite bottle and vowing to let it age gracefully until the time is right. That way you can enjoy your favorite wine years down the line and really enjoy the changes in flavor.

That way you can enjoy your favorite wine years down the line and really enjoy the changes in flavor.

Wine with friends

Any good wine fridge is stocked with a few bottles that can be casually enjoyed with friends.

Whether this is a dinner party or casual “ladies night” in, these bottles of wine are perfect for sharing and are likely to please everyone’s palettes.

To find the perfect shareable wine that your friends will enjoy, try to stick to a middle of the road wine. This means picking up something that isn’t too dry or too sweet so that everyone can enjoy a few sips.

You may also want to find a red and white wine to suit any situation you and your friends get into! Red wine may suit a relaxed evening talking on the couch while white wine can suit a fun evening of chatting in the kitchen or back yard!

Haier 18-Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door with Smoked Glass Wine Cellar Review

Many combinations of modern and vintage usually produce great innovations. That is where the Haier 18-Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door with Smoked Glass Wine Cellar excels.

It combines the fine qualities of age-old vintage and traditional wine storage methods and parameters with modern contemporary touches that make life a whole lot easier and also a whole lot more interesting. You can get the best of both the present and the past with the Haier Wine Cellar so that you can look into more delicious and intoxicating futures with your outstanding wine collection.

Best Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide


  • Thermal electric cooling system
  • Dual temperature zones (46-66F Upper and 54-66 Lower)
  • Black cabinet with curved door of smoked glass and black trim
  • Dual touch screen controls, dual LED displays
  • Soft interior lighting


One of the many things that you can love about the Haier Wine Cellar is its thermal electric cooling system. Simply put, it does not make use of a compressor and therefore does not make vibrations or sounds. This means that you can expect almost absolute quiet in your living space with this wine cooler.

You can get a good nap right beside it and you won’t even hear a peep. Its vibration-less mechanism also means that there will be close to no formation of bubbles that may spoil the quality of your wine.

Aside from all of those wonderful qualities, this thermal electric cooling system is so reliable that you need not maintain it too frequently in order to maintain your ideal wine storage environment. It is energy-efficient, so you save up on energy costs, and it is also environment-friendly since it does not make use of any CFC, HCFC, or HCF-type coolants that can usually be found in older conventional beverage coolers and refrigerators.

The Haier Wine Cellar also gives you ample opportunity to broaden your wine collection beyond one particular type of wine. Since it comes with dual temperature zones, you will be able to store rich red vintages in the lower zone which can be set anywhere between 54 to 56 degrees Fahrenheit and light white spirits in the upper zone which you can set anywhere between 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

This way, you can have a vast choosing of wines that you can match with any meal type or with any occasion.

The Haier Cellar stores your wines in its classy black cabinet with its smoked glass curved door with black trim, giving your living space, kitchen or bar an edgier and more sophisticated appeal. It has an LED electronic control display that allows you to set the best temperature for your wine collection with convenience and ease since it is programmed to be user-friendly and with high readability, and the technology and style of touch-screen.

Finally, your wines will be featured with the Haier Wine Cellar’s soft interior lighting to make them more visible and easier to arrange, without compromising the wine structure and quality.


One fairly satisfied customer observed that the smoked glass door of her Haier Wine Cellar seems to have developed some level of moisture between the panes of glass. This can be a bit disappointing for buyers who are up into buying the Haier Wine Cellar so that they could show off their wine collection to their friends and visitors.

Since the entire aim in having glass doors for wine coolers instead of the conventional metal doors that other regular refrigerators have is for the visibility of the wines inside, this may defeat the purpose. Nevertheless, the same user said that the Haier Wine Cellar has been working well and has served its main purpose, which was to store her precious vintages and keep them in check, especially at the right temperatures.


The fogging glass panels may be an issue for some, especially those who are aesthetically inclined to showing off their collection. Nevertheless, if your sole purpose is to keep your wines in top shape and in top condition, you might want to consider the Haier Wine Cellar.

The fogging glass may just be a manufacturing error and may be corrected, but the point is that your wines will be well kept and will be in great condition when it comes to the time that you get to open them for a special occasion or just any regular celebration.

Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler Review

Are you growing a wine collection and looking for a good wine fridge to start with? Look no further because the Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler can both store and feature your wines so that you can show them off to your friends while keeping them at an optimum environment that is sure to maintain and improve their taste for the months and even the years to come.

It combines style and functionality in one awesome unit that is sure to keep your wines in top shape.

Best Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide


  • Thermoelectric
  • Dual temperature zone displayed on LCD control panel
  • Free-standing black cabinet with wooden shelving
  • 18 bottle capacity
  • Tempered glass door with stainless steel trim and safety lock


With quiet and consistent precision, the Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler gets you there when it comes to wine storage. You get premium wine storage without vibrations and without noise when you go for this machine.

That is because of its efficient ad energy-saving thermoelectric operation that saves you two types of pollution: power consumption and noise. You not only get the benefit of a quiet and efficient performance, you also save on electricity costs and help the environment too. Now, that’s three big pluses for one appliance.

Aside from being quiet and efficient, the Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler lets you have the best of both worlds when it comes to wine types. Its upper zone has a temperature range of 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, while its lower zone has a temperature range of 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

That way, you will be able to store both rich reds and crisp whites in the same wine cooler. This is especially useful if you like trying and collecting wide varieties of wines that have different temperature needs when it comes to storage.

You can easily control the individual temperatures for both the upper and the lower zone at a control panel with a clear LCD display to help track your desired wine temperatures. The control panel is located front and center for ease of viewing and may be controlled and adjusted individually depending on your preferred temperatures.

The Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler also combines efficiency with style as your expensive collection is featured with soft lighting in a free standing black bodied cabinet that has classy wooden shelves that may be removed and reconfigured to be able to house larger bottles or bottles that are differently shaped.

Of course, this type of adjustment may decrease the bottle capacity of the Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler, but otherwise, it can readily accommodate 18 standard-sized wine bottles –just enough to house a starting collection.

The fridge door is made with tempered glass that is trimmed with stainless steel. And for wines that are collected and stored by avid connoisseurs, it is important to keep them safe and secure at all times. It is then a good thing that the Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler comes with a safety lock. Your precious collection will remain safe and secure within the Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler.


A few previous buyers of the Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler were disappointed that the shelves seem to be unable to accommodate wine bottles that are a bit wider or larger. This results to blockages above, below, and besides the said large bottle which keeps the next levels from opening at all. Collectors of Pinot Noir and Syrah will be disappointed too because the Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler does not seem to be able to accommodate wine bottles with wider berths.

As a result, you may actually have to put in less number of bottles –which is not good if you are fast growing a collection ad have nowhere else to store them. Nevertheless, these users were impressed with the Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler’s appearance and the efficiency of its dual cooling zones.


Although it may not be for Pinot Noir and Syrah collectors, collectors of average-sized bottled wines are very much welcome to purchase the Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler. It is versatile enough to accommodate different varieties of wine such that you can enjoy different types of different occasions or different meals and main courses.

On top of that, it is also a good looking piece of appliance that would make a great addition to any bar or kitchen.

Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator 46 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding Review

If you want power, precision and reliability all rolled into one component, then the Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator may just be the right refrigerator for your wines. It is powered unlike most wine refrigerators nowadays, and comes with a technology that makes it just as efficient –if not more efficient –than most modern thermoelectric wine coolers these days. It is versatile, efficient, powerful and reliable.

Best Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide


  • Minimum vibration and sound compressor
  • Triple layer tempered glass door
  • Dual-zone thermostat, with LED display
  • Adaptable


The Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator, unlike many other wine refrigerators, works using a compressor. However, unlike other compressor-based coolers, the Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator’s compressor is made with state of the art technology that can provide consistent cooling without the vibration and the noise.

This way, you get the standard reliability and power of a compressor-powered fridge and the efficiency and finesse of a quiet and motionless wine storage. Your wine sediments are kept settled, and your wine will taste just as good as if it were stored in a true vintage wine cellar to age.

The Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator also comes with a triple-layered tempered glass door that does not only boast of its safety and security profile but also of its ability to further stabilize internal temperatures. With these glass doors, you get the power and efficiency of the high-tech compressor with some extra help from its door component.

In addition to that, the triple layer tempered glass door is least prone to fogging compared to other finer layered doors. This ensures that your beautiful collection is always front and center when you let your guests in and see the wonders of each bottle and the stories behind them.

To maximize your experience, the Kalamera 24” wine refrigerator is dual zoned, meaning you can store your deep and rich red wines at its lower zones with 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit and your fine white wines at its upper zones with 40 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

Both of these adjustments can easily be made with its LED control display that is easy to use and easy to read. You will have no trouble at all in maintaining the perfect temperature for your vintages in order to keep them in optimum flavor just in case any special guests arrive or if a special celebration is in order.

Your wines, both red and white, are chilled to perfection at all times, thanks to the Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator.

Not only is the Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator powerful, efficient and stylish, it is also versatile. It can easily be accommodated under your kitchen counter, under a bar area, or you can move it around and use it as a free-standing appliance all on its own to make a massive impression on your wine connoisseur friends as they gape at it in amazement and wonder.

It can hold up to 46 bottles in total, so you can travel half the world on a wine tour and collect as many as 46 bottles in total to serve as your priceless souvenirs to remind you of the places you have been, the people you have met, the food you have tasted, and the wine you have savoured. Nothing beats a good nostalgic taste to tickle your senses.


One previous buyer had a bad defect issue with the Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator. He stated that his unit did not cool at all, and even heated up, so he had to ship it back and ask for a refund. This may have been just a case of happening to purchase a defective product since most other reviewers have had a positive experience with the Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator.

If you do experience problems with any product that you buy online, it is best to contact the manufacturer and have your product replaced, or ask for a refund so that you can purchase another brand that could serve the purpose of the product you were buying originally.


In your garage? In your basement? How about in your laundry room? The Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator has no problem with these locations. Its heavy duty compressor keeps it going at a constant pace so that it makes the unit less vulnerable to sudden changes in the environment temperatures.

The Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator is indeed versatile and resilient. Despite the presence of a compressor, it is built with enough technology so that you can barely hear the compressor motor working in the background, nor feel it vibrating when you switch on the machine. It is the perfect wine storage to have if you are in need of some hardcore wine storage.

AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler Review

Keeping your wines perfectly chilled and aging well has been an art form for centuries. Luckily for us, technologies have been invented in order for us to be able to do it with ease and convenience. The AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler is one great example of modernizing an ancient storage method.

It comes with all the conveniences of modern technology with the results of ancient practice and perfected art form.

Best Wine Refrigerator Buying Guide


  • Thermoelectric fan cooling system
  • Adjustable temperature control, dual temperature zones
  • Electronic touchpad with LED display
  • Energy-saving, efficient heat dissipation
  • 7 removable wood shelving, with 21 max bottle capacity
  • 1-year parts warranty for manufacturing defect


The AKDY 21 Bottle Wine Cooler comes with a modern thermoelectric fan cooling system that makes it super quiet and super still. No sound or vibration can be heard or felt with this wine cooler.

That is all to your advantage since, aside from the fact you will not be disturbed by unnecessary sounds in the middle of the night, your wines will be kept so still that traces of sediments will stay put right where they are, thus reducing the incidence of a bitter aftertaste. Aside from that, vibrations may also harm the natural aging process of the wine and may cause them to age prematurely or to not age at all.

Its temperatures are adjustable and that is all well and good since it also comes with dual temperature zones which mean that it is divided into a cooler upper zone and a lightly warmer lower zone. The cooler upper zone is meant to store wine varieties like white wines while the warmer lower zone is meant to store heavier red wines.

Maintaining optimum temperature for each individual wine variety is essential to maintaining the wine’s quality throughout its aging process. You can easily adjust the dual temperatures using a button-operated electronic touchpad that comes with an LED display so that you can clearly see and monitor the exact temperatures that are perfect for storing different wine varieties.

The AKDY 21 Bottle Wine Cooler operates in such a way that it consumes significantly less electricity compared to a standard compressor-type cooler that can amplify your energy costs. This also means that the AKDY 21 Bottle Wine Cooler is also environment-friendly.

It is efficient enough in dissipating the heat that it generates through built-in fan technology that drives away hot air which is produced by the unit while it works. This makes the AKDY 21 Bottle Wine Cooler even more efficient at keeping temperatures constant and consistent, thus making the unit extra efficient.

It comes with seven removable wooden shelves. Wooden shelves give you that classic vintage look that is reminiscent of traditional wine cellars in old wine-producing countries. The classic look is matched with versatility since these wooden shelves are removable so you can accommodate larger bottles or space the shelves farther apart as you wish.

To give you utmost security with your satisfaction, the AKDY 21 Bottle Wine Cooler comes with 1 years’ worth of parts warranty for any defect that may have resulted from manufacturing.


A few previous buyers complained that the shelves of the AKDY 21 Bottle Wine Cooler are a bit too tight, such that you sometimes need to pull open the adjacent shelf if you want to get one particular bottle out. Accordingly, it seemed that they are too tightly packed and impossible to adjust, and it sort of becomes a nuisance if you are trying to stack bottles or whenever you try to take one out.

This also means that there is no way you can fit larger bottles within the AKDY 21 Bottle Wine Cooler without some difficulty. It might even be impossible, given the tight circumstance.

However, aside for the tight spacing, many of the reviewers found that their wines are perfectly chilled and are kept in an attractive case and shelving although they are truly tight and not well-spaced to accommodate wine bottles and allow some wiggle room in between.


The AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler is a great buy for anyone who is interested in growing a wine collection of their own in their own house, or in their food or beverage establishment. It can store enough bottles to collect a wide enough assortment of wines to taste and enjoy, and it can efficiently keep all your wines chilled to perfection at a constant, consistent and reliable pace.