The 5 Best Wine Apps Every Vino Lover Needs

best wine apps

Vino lovers rejoice!

The best wine apps make it simple for you to discover new vintages, find out which wines you can pair with your favorite dishes and much more.

So which of the best wine apps should you download right away? Here are the five best wine apps that every vino lover needs to know about.

1. CellarTracker

No list of the best wine apps would be complete without CellarTracker, an app that allows you to check out wine reviews, tasting notes and personal stories from people who know all about wine.

CellarTracker offers wine insights from more than 471,000 users worldwide. That way, the app gives you a taste of what it’s like to sample the best wines from across the globe without ever having to look away from your mobile device.

Perhaps best of all, there are more than 2.3 million wines that have been discussed on CellarTracker thus far. And as the CellarTracker community grows, so will the number of wine reviews that you can use to learn about the latest and greatest wines.

When it comes to learning about a new wine, you cannot go wrong with CellarTracker. Or, if you want to share your thoughts and opinions about a wine you love, CellarTracker makes it easy for you to do just that.

Of course, no CellarTracker description would be complete without mentioning the app’s cellar management capabilities. Thanks to CellarTracker, you can track your personal wine collection and assess its value – all from your smartphone or tablet.

2. Wine Maps

Looking to enter a whole new world of wine? Download Wine Maps, and you can discover the best wines from the top wine regions.

Wine Maps is one of the best wine apps for a reason – it provides you with a quick, easy way to search wine regions around the globe.

The app boasts a total of 108 maps across 19 countries. Plus, Wine Maps allows you to learn about more than 1,400 wine regions in just seconds.

If you’re looking to take your wine knowledge to the next level, Wine Maps is a must-download. The app gives you the ability to search for wine regions by name, zoom in on a map of each location and take a look around a region like never before.

3. Next Glass

Ever purchase a bottle of wine only to find that you can’t stand its taste? You’re not alone.

Fortunately, Next Glass ensures you’ll never have to worry about making this mistake ever again.

Think of Next Glass as Pandora for wine lovers, and for good reason. You can use Next Glass to score your favorite and least-favorite wines and track your wine rankings.

Next Glass rates wines and other beverages based on their chemistry and provides each drink with a distinct profile. As such, the app helps you identify wines you’ll love and eliminates the chance you’ll buy wine that leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth.

4. Plonk

Although Plonk might sound like a mobile game app or something else entirely, don’t let the name fool you. Once you take a deep look at this app and its features, you’re sure to see why it’s one of the best wine apps.

Plonk is perfect for those who are all about wine – and those who want to be all about wine but need some extra help.

With Plonk, wine immediately becomes more accessible to wine lovers of all experience levels.

Plonk features a wine pronunciation guide – a great tool for those who want to speak like a true wine connoisseur. In addition, Plonk boasts a periodic table of wine with grape varieties and hues, making it easier than ever to go from wine biff to wine buff.

Let’s not forget about Plonk’s food pairings tool, either. Thanks to Plonk, you can make the most of any meal and find the perfect wine to complement salmon, steak and any other dish you can imagine.

Also, if you’re planning to attend a wine-themed trivia night with friends, you can get some late-minute cramming done with Plonk. The app offers one-of-a-kind wine trivia that will help you take your wine expertise to new heights.

5. Vivino

Vivino is the world’s largest wine app – literally.

With more than 22 million wine reviews from users, Vivino delivers wine ratings that you simply won’t be able to find elsewhere. It also takes the guesswork out of finding the right wine when you’re shopping at a liquor store or having dinner at a restaurant.

Unlike the other apps on our list of the best wine apps, Vivino allows you to scan a wine label and see wine ratings, reviews and prices instantly.

Vivino doubles-down on its scanning capabilities as well. And if you open the wine list at any restaurant, you can use Vivino to scan the list and choose the right wine for any occasion.

If you’re on the lookout for new wines, download Vivino – you’ll be happy you did.

Vivino tracks and organizes the wines you scan and rate over time, providing you with a fun, interactive chart that showcases your wine experiences. You can even see how your chart stacks up against the Vivino community.

Now that you know all about the best wine apps, the question becomes: What can you do to upgrade your wine collection?

There’s lots you can do to transform a small wine collection into an unbelievable one.

Anyone can purchase wines, store them in a basement or wine cellar and take them out when they want. But is this sufficient? Absolutely not.

Ultimately, there is no need to settle for subpar wine storage, especially if you’re looking to maintain the quality of your wine for years to come. If you purchase one of the best wine refrigerators, you should have no trouble taking care of your wine – without exception.

Choose the best wine refrigerator for your home, and you won’t have to worry about inferior wine storage. Instead, you can reap the benefits of a top-notch wine refrigerator that will keep your wine in excellent condition at all times.

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