Thinking of a Wine Fridge? Here’s the Best Way to Stock It

wine fridge

If you’re a wine lover, you’ve probably heard that “beer is made by men, and wine is made by Gods.”

When you’re relaxing and sipping on that smooth red, it certainly can seem heavenly.

Taking your love of wine to the next level means knowing how to distinguish taste and smell. You’ll also want to understand the way certain wines pair with different foods.

For some, getting a wine fridge is the next step to getting an incredible collection of wine going– and keeping it ready at all times.

We’re known in the wine industry for being passionate about what we do. And what we do best is giving you all the information you need to know before making a choice about what you’re going to store your wine in.

Getting a wine fridge is an important decision, after all– it’s going to be holding your pride and joy while keeping it at the perfect temperature.

Be sure to check out our reviews and advice section to learn everything you need to know.

What you need to know to stock your wine fridge properly

We’re passionate about getting great reviews and advice out about picking your wine fridge, but what are you going to do once you get it?

That’s why we’ve put together this great guide to stocking your wine fridge with a little special something for any occasion you find yourself in.

Keep the mood cool with the right temperature

When you’re figuring out how to stock your wine fridge, you’ll want to take a second to cool it (and, pardon our pun, but don’t wine about it).

This means that you’ll want to make sure you know the temperature the wines you like need to be stored at properly.

There are two types of wine fridges available: single zone and dual zone. Breaking it down, you can store one or two types of wine, depending on which type you buy.

If you like both wine and red wine, you may want a dual zone wine fridge to keep both wines at their perfect temp.

For red wines, you’ll want them stored at 50-65 degrees to keep them preserved properly. For white wines, the temperature will have to be between 40-50 degrees.

Keep in mind that keeping wine in a room that’s too hot can often speed up the aging process and ruin the wine that you’re storing. That’s why the first big tip to stocking a wine fridge is getting one that really works for you.

Make sure the wine is stored on its side

Stocking your wine fridge also requires one extra step of care: storing the wine on its side.

If your wine is capped with a cork, it’s preventing air from entering the bottle and oxidizing your wine. Once it’s been opened, you’ll want to keep that bottle store on its side to keep the cork moist.

Why? Once the cork dries out, air can start entering the bottle and effectively dull the taste of your wine in no time.

Pick up some cooking wine

One way to make sure you are stocking your wine fridge properly is to make sure you have wine for all occasions.

This means stocking your wine fridge with some wine you’ll use for cooking.

Wine can really add an excellent and surprising aspect to the foods you’re cooking and it can take a dish to the next level.

That’s why you’ll want to make the most of your wine fridge and stock it with some great cooking wines like pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, and unoaked chardonnay.

Stock some dessert wine

This is an essential if you want to stock your wine fridge up properly. You’re going to want to grab some of your favorite dessert wines to keep for times where you want something sweet.

One of the most amazing things about wine is that there is a bottle to go with every food or mood it seems. And dessert wines offer uniquely enticing flavors to settle your sweet tooth and offer up some relaxation.

If you’re looking for a supremely sweet dessert wine, you’ll want to stock up on wines labeled as late harvest, noble rot, ice wine, or straw mat.

These terms can signify to you that you’ll be in for a treat and they definitely deserve a spot in any wine fridge.

Find your own special occasion wine

We’ve all seen it in the movies: someone gets married and out comes the “special” bottle of wine that’s been saved for decades.

Any well-stocked wine fridge will need a bottle or two of special occasion wine, which will be saved for huge events that deserve a unique celebration.

Usually on the pricier end, these wines will offer a flavor that is worth celebrating and splurging on– just make sure to take your time enjoying them!

You can even create your own special occasion wine by picking up your absolute favorite bottle and vowing to let it age gracefully until the time is right. That way you can enjoy your favorite wine years down the line and really enjoy the changes in flavor.

That way you can enjoy your favorite wine years down the line and really enjoy the changes in flavor.

Wine with friends

Any good wine fridge is stocked with a few bottles that can be casually enjoyed with friends.

Whether this is a dinner party or casual “ladies night” in, these bottles of wine are perfect for sharing and are likely to please everyone’s palettes.

To find the perfect shareable wine that your friends will enjoy, try to stick to a middle of the road wine. This means picking up something that isn’t too dry or too sweet so that everyone can enjoy a few sips.

You may also want to find a red and white wine to suit any situation you and your friends get into! Red wine may suit a relaxed evening talking on the couch while white wine can suit a fun evening of chatting in the kitchen or back yard!

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