Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

Whynter WC28S-SNO-28 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

If you want something sleek, stylish, modern and shiny to go along with your bar or kitchen, you might want to opt for the Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler. Its platinum exterior gives you that clean and edgy modern minimalist vibe that usually accompanies many home interior designs these days.

Its enhanced blue light LCD display adds even more to its modern vibe, along with its many wonderful features.

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  • Thermoelectric cooling, adjustable thermostat (52 to 64F)
  • Enhanced blue light LCD Celsius and Fahrenheit display
  • Solid state components, except for fans
  • Platinum body with metallic silver trimmed glass door with pro-style towel bar handle
  • 28 bottle capacity with removable scalloped chrome racks
  • Cylinder lock, with two keys included


The Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler operates as a thermoelectric cooler that works without a compressor. The absence of a motor compressor also means the absence of sound and vibration –two things that can disrupt peace and wine quality.

Minimum sound ensures that you can easily keep it within your living space inside your house without so much as a distant din from it. Minimum vibration ensures that your wine will taste just as good as if it were stored in a true vintage wine cellar.

To be able to store different variants of wines, the Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler can be adjusted to between 52 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. That is because different varieties of wines thrive well in different temperatures for storage.

White wines are best stored in colder temperatures while rich red wines are best stored at slightly warmer temperatures. Light red wines fall somewhere in between both.

To be able to control your temperature with ease and with pinpoint precision, the Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler comes with an enhanced blue light LCD display that not only displays temperatures in Fahrenheit but also in Celsius, so as not to inconvenience you with any conversion issues and math problems along the way as you strive to maintain the delicate balance of temperature and humidity for your expensive wine collection.

Its solid state components allow for little to no movement, ensuring almost total eradication of vibration which can spoil your wine and possibly decrease the lifespan of your refrigerator unit. The only things that move with the Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler are its fans that function to blow and circulate the cool air throughout the unit with soundless and quiet efficiency.

From the outside, the Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler is a sleek and classy view to behold, with its platinum case and the metallic silver that trims its glass door. Its sheen and the cold colors add to the sleek, edgy and expensive-looking vibe that only a unit such as the Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler can pull off and match with precision and efficiency.

To stay aligned with the modern metallic theme, its racks are scalloped chrome that can hold up to 28 wine bottles with ease. To keep your collection safe and secure, its door has a built-in cylinder lock that has a main key and a spare just in case yours gets lost or misplaced.

The Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler knows how to value your most prized possessions and in this case, it values your wine collection.


One distraught buyer recounted his experience with their very own Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler. According to him, they owned it for seven months before the temperature control stopped maintaining a set temperature.

This was not his only chief complaint. The said customer accordingly was not well-accommodated by the manufacturer’s customer service since the customer service only gave back troubleshooting advice, which placed the burden of repair on the customer instead.

After four more months of following troubleshooting instructions to no avail, he was accordingly requested to ship back the unit in its original packing for repair. This proved to be impossible for the said customer because he does not keep the packing of his appliances around in case of a malfunction. He called the Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler’s customer service terrible and arrogant.


The Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler is functional, efficient, and stylish. If you want something that you can feature in your modern-styled home or business establishment, the Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler will fit right in quite easily.

Keep your wines chilled and aged at just the right pace and with just the right temperature with the Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler. You might want to keep its original packing around just in case though.

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