9 Fabulous Wine Tasting Party Ideas

wine tasting party ideas

Feel like you’re stuck for wine tasting party ideas? We’re here to help. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best wine tasting party ideas that all but guarantee a great night.

Just add the right wine and you’ll have a night you won’t soon forget.

1. Focus your party on one region

One super wine tasting party idea is to focus your party on one specific wine region.

For example, you might get a selection of Bordeaux wines and taste the difference. This is one particularly fun wine tasting party idea to do if you’re passionate about a specific wine region, you’ve just visited there (and taken liberal advantage of your country’s duty-free rules!), or you’re looking for  a specific wine for an event (e.g. a wedding) and know that you like wine from that region.

It’ll give you a broad range of opinions for what other people like and help you pick a wine that everyone’s happy with.

To make this even more fun, what you can do is pick a relatively broad region in terms of quality and size, for example, the Rhone wine region, and choose wines from different appellations within it (e.g. the Châteauneuf-du-Pape AOC, etc..).

It will let you compare and contrast different terroirs that are relatively close together, giving you a greater appreciation for the role of terroirs in wine taste and flavor.

2. Taste blind

A blind tasting is always fun but is one of those wine tasting party ideas that’s more for the pros. Here’s what you do.

First, you need to buy the wine (and chill it, of course).

Usually, with a blind tasting, you’ll theme the wine in some other way as well, so it’s not just random bottles. For example, you might theme the wine around a:

  • region or appellation
  • year
  • country
  • flavor (e.g. big, bold reds)

Once you have your organized bottles of wine, what you want to do is wrap them all in brown paper so no one knows which bottle is which.

Then, taste away!

To make wine tasting party ideas like this one even more fun, what you can do is hand out ‘scorecards’ so people remember what they tasted and what they thought.

Then, you can reveal the wines (and their prices!) at the very end. You’d be surprised by the results!

Another fun idea is to try and get people to guess which wine is which, either by providing a list or (for the real pros) with nothing to go on. See who can get the most right!

3. New world vs old world

One of the classics when it comes to wine tasting party ideas. All you do is get half the wine from the ‘new world’ – North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa – basically everywhere not-Europe. Then, you get comparable wines from the ‘old world’ – France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria – basically Europe.

Then, you just compare and contrast! It’s helpful when you’re doing a tasting like this to group the wines according to flavor. So you might compare a Napa Cabernet Sauvignon with a Bordeaux and relive the history of the Judgement of Paris!

4. A food and wine pairing party

If you need a little food to cut your wine, then a food and wine pairing party is always fun. Popular combinations are cheese with wine (especially, but not exclusively white wine) and chocolate with red wine.

When it comes to deciding what to serve, there are some basic guidelines you should follow. But for the most robust experience, it’s worth taking your wine list to a good cheesemonger and getting them to help pair them for you.

5. One winery, many wines

This is great if you have a favorite winery (or an in with a winemaker!) and can access their wine library. All you do is taste the same wine (or wines) again and again from the same place, varying year and type.

For a thorough experience, stick with one wine through the years, and you can see both the impact of aging (start new, get older) as well as variation over the years of weather, good harvests, bad harvests, and other variables that might normally go undetected.

6. Cost effective wine tasting party ideas

On a budget but love your wine? No problem!

Just get your guests to each bring a bottle that costs under $20. Taste them all and see which ones you like best!

Wine tasting party ideas like this are especially fun to combine with the blind tasting idea, with everyone voting on their favorite. Maybe even get a nice bottle for a prize for the one that’s most popular!

7. First party? No problem – make it instructional

Are you super into wine but your friends are more the beer drinking type?

No problem – wine tasting party ideas abound for the uninitiated. One of them is to make your first wine tasting instructional! If you know what you’re tasting and what you’re looking for, wine gets a lot more fun.

If you provide useful information on each wine and lead a discussion of tasting notes, proper wine storage and temperature, and basic food pairings, your friends will have a great time. And with luck, will be ready for a more adventurous tasting the next time round.

8. National pride wine party

Feeling especially proud of your nationality? Wine tasting party ideas that focus on one country are always fun.

Provide wines from your country and your country only, and see what people think! This is great opportunity to get away from major wine producing regions and explore smaller, local regions or lesser-known but no less tasty national gems.

If you have a good wine store, head down there and ask for a boutique winery recommendation. They’re sure to help you out.

9. Specialty wine tasting party

If none of these ideas are working for you, you can always host a specialist wine party. All you need to do is focus on one of the more unique wines out there, and theme your tasting around that.

For example, you might have a tasting for dessert wines, or ice wines from Canada, or even explore the world of fortified wines. See what happens!


A wine party can be a lot of fun, and a great way to get to know your friends better while sharing your (and hopefully their) love of good wine. And with these 9 ideas, you have plenty to get started with!

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